Late last night, a band of happy vandals made their way down College St., in downtown Toronto…




Almost 300 small felt hearts were hung on trees, from Euclid Ave. to Bathurst., in celebration of St. Valentine’s day


The light fluffy snowfall the next morning made them feel extra magical…


(The signs read: “Valentine’s Day needn’t be only for lovers – reclaim the day!  Take a heart and show your appreciation for friends, co-workers, transit operators, baristas, the person who delivers those big water bottles for your office’s cooler… anyone and everyone who brightens your day!  Who do you appreciate? #hearttree“)


The hope was that they could serve as a reminder that February 14th is all about love – not just romantic love, but all kinds of love for all kinds of people!


There were a few smaller trees on College east of Bathurst…


…and one big tree on the north-west corner of Bathurst and College must have had at least 50 hearts…



It was really lovely to witness so many people interacting with the display (that was the point, after all!)




(these kids were so funny; one of the guys took one, and his friends chastised him until he pointed out that the sign said to take them…)


(…and then they each grabbed their own!)





It honestly made my day to see people take interest in this odd little installation…



…and I hope it made theirs too!


Sadly, the hearts that were sent to Ottawa and Kingston did not make it in time, but they did make it as far as Whitby, where my terrific, wonderful friends Bri and Stephen put together a few installations for our friends to the east!






Valentine’s Day DIYs

Valentine’s day must be one of the most maligned holidays, but I think that its negative reputation is largely undeserved.  It’s easy to get caught up in the hussle of life, and therefore to overlook, forget, or neglect to recognize the people and occasions that make our lives rich and meaningful.  I like to think of holidays as a reminder to do so – a reminder to take the time to show our appreciation for the people who make our lives special, just by being in them.  Doing so needn’t involve much (or any!) expense – just time and thoughtfulness.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite Valentine’s Day DIYs to get you in the mood for celebrating all things lovely (V-Day is right around the corner, after all!). What I love about these projects is that they’re such simple ways to make a big impact, and they emphasize thoughtfulness over expense. Whether it’s the love you have for terrific friends, family, or partners, taking the time to share and show your warm feelings with the important people in your life is what this holiday is all about!

Happy weekend!

VDAY - Lars - flower wreath

VDAY - twig & thistle - apple

VDAY - purl bee

VDAY - OhHappyDay - tree hearts

VDAY - sarah m style

VDAY - heart attack

VDAY - moorea seal

VDAY - OhHappyDay - closet hearts


Valentine’s Day wreath (from The House that Lars Built)
Fruit stickers (from Twig & Thistle)
Felt candy hearts (from The Purl Bee)
Tree heart installation (from Oh Happy Day)
Wild About You valentines (from Sarah M Style)
Heart Attack! (from The House that Lars Built) (or this one for friends who live further away…)
Heart reminders (from Moorea Seal)
Heart balloons in a closet (from Oh Happy Day)