#12 (with some creative license…) – have a picnic in Trinity Bellwoods

Scratch that.  #12 is now “Have a Picnic Somewhere.”

August is fast approaching, and desperate times call for desperate measures…

The list is still longer than it should be with little over a month to go, so it’s time to kick things into high gear and focus on crossing items off that list!  This all seemed so achievable in May, but time has flown and now it feels like there aren’t enough weekends left to get everything done.  Thankfully (?), I’ve managed to relieve myself of most of my work so that I now have more free time to devote to personal projects and hopefully some more fulfilling endeavors.  I’m nervous/scared/excited/thrilled/relieved/anxious.  Which is to say that I don’t know how I feel.  I feel many emotions simultaneously, but none with clarity or self-assurance.  Perhaps that’s just the feeling of freelance?

In any case, I have been busy accomplishing things despite my lack of posts (which is due, at least in part, to a lack of internet access for almost two whole weeks!  news-worthy details, to be sure).  The biggest item to-date was an improvised picnic in High Park with N, NC and TS.  It was a strange morning – a strange weekend, really – that seemed to demand that we get out and appreciate the gorgeous weather, but also insisted that our appreciation take the form of slothful indulgence.  So we did what any city-dwelling lazy-bones would do and packed some locally-procured snacks and our bathing suits and headed to join the rest of the municipality in chlorine-soaked respite from the hot summer sun.

…At least, that was the plan.

I somehow managed to develop sun-exhaustion-like symptoms from a morning of walking around Bloor, and TS was deeply hungover from some escapades the night before, so only N and NC were in top form by the time we met up around 4pm.  Add to that my frustration at having spent way too long searching for my bathing suit pieces (I knew that they were in a box somewhere…), and it was just not the most upbeat beginning to an outdoor adventure.  That feeling had mostly subsided by the time we got to the park, though, and by the time the cured meats, fresh baguette, soft cheese, sparkling freshly-squeezed lemonade, and NC’s homemade potato salad were unpacked and laid out before us, I was relishing the bounty of summer.



Praise the gods of soft green grass and bright blue skies; it was a truly gorgeous day.





We never did make it into the pool; by the time we had tired ourselves out from frisbee enough to want to cool off, the pool was closed for “maintenance” and didn’t re-open until shortly before we left.  The real reason we never made it, though, was because I got excited about the idea of riding the park tram (aka “trackless train”) and managed to convince the others to join me on that instead.


We grabbed some popsicles and cooled off in the shade while waiting for the tram to return so that we could get choice seating (the back, duh), and then hopped on board.




For the record, this is what a brain-freeze looks like, from the outside:



It was such a nice, relaxing way to take in all that High Park has to offer.









I feel so blessed to have such terrific friends, who indulge my childish desires… (: