#5 and #6 – attend a concert at fort york

I’m a big fan of multi-tasking, so it is fitting that at least one of my summer activities would combine two items from my list!

I haven’t been to many concerts.  My first ever was a Foo Fighters concert, in grade 10 or 11.  My friend had an extra ticket and none of the other people he wanted to bring were free, which worked out well for me, as a distant fourth-or-something choice.  Score!  Then there were a few high school band concerts, and one trip to Edge Fest in 2004 or something… but it wasn’t until university that I attended another ‘real’ concert, when I saw Leslie Feist play at a small, intimate-ish venue called The Marquee, in Halifax, during my first year of undergrad (way back in 2005).  The next (and last, until this summer) concert I attended was a Broken Social Scene (BSS) show, also in Halifax, in early 2006.  If you’re counting, that makes 4.  I’ve been to 4 concerts.

It’s not that I don’t like music, it’s more so just that I’ve never been big into bands.  I tend to like individuals songs more than albums or bands, which makes attending concerts a less-than-optimal way for me to enjoy music.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy concerts.  It’s just not the kind of thing that I would prioritize, given that there are few bands/artists whom I like enough to want to see them play a whole show.  The aforementioned bands just so happen to be among the very few exceptions to that list, which made me extremely excited to learn that two of them – BSS and Feist – would be playing at an outdoor concert in Toronto this summer.

N suggested it, and I jumped at the opportunity.  There was a very brief discussion about who would buy the tickets (oddly, we were both fighting for the honour), and that was that.  We were going on a Field Trip!

The whole shindig began at 12:30pm, but we only straggled in around 4pm, as a result of a prior commitment that morning (we’re just so busy and important). It worked out well, though, because we still had a decent amount of time to grab some food from some of the many food trucks, and wander around exploring the various setups before settling in to watch the bands we were most eagerly anticipating.

field trip1

field trip3

field trip2

We met up with N’s friends, who had the foresight to bring a nice big blanket to lie on, and then we wandered back and forth between squishing our way into the crowd for a nice view of the talent onstage, and slinking back to the blanket to hang out between sets.

field trip5

field trip6

field trip7

There was also a fun episode wherein we tried to loosen N’s concert wristband by poking at the inside teeth with a pen.. which succeeded only in getting the lid stuck.

field trip8

Despite slightly menacing skies, the rain held off (for the most part), and the music slipped us gently into the cool summer evening – a barely perceptible shift from dusk to dark.

field trip9

field trip10

field trip11

field trip12

field trip13

field trip14

Such a lovely way to spend an evening in the city ♥