academic resources

Writing well is challenging, but improving your abilities in this area is crucial to being able to think clearly and deeply, and communicate effectively.  Poor spelling and grammar impede not only your ability to express ideas clearly, but also limit your own ability to think through challenging ideas and their implications in the first place.

These resources are among the best I’ve found for support in producing thoughtful, high-quality academic work.  They are terrific resources for both research and writing. (*Print resources are identified with an asterix).

Writing and Research Resources

The Elements of Style*, William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White – a terrific pocket-sized reference text for writing conventions.  highly recommended by faculty members and professors, easy to use, expertly written and comprehensive.

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) – a highly recommended academic resource for research and writing

HyperGrammar (University of Ottawa) – an eletronic grammar course

Professional (Academic) Development Resources

Ryerson’s Learning and Teaching Office – Resources (Ryerson University, LTO)

TA / GA Best Practices (Ryerson University, LTO)

Writing Resources for Faculty and TAs (University of Toronto)

Teaching Dossier (University of Western Ontario) – descriptions, tips, and examples for building a teaching dossier/portfolio


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