summer playlist: the sound of a warm sunny day

I’ve been following Joy Deangdeelert Cho’s blog Oh Joy! for a few years now, and love so much about it: the lovely carefree feeling of her posts and pairings; the fun, upbeat tone; and especially her video series “Make Someone Happy.”

Today I was perusing past posts when I stumbled across this video from the aforementioned series and instantly fell in love with the music.

Following the trail of credits led me to discover a handful of new favourite songs, all by Fremont.

photo credit: Fremont

left-to-right: All That I Needed / Trees to Stone / I think I

To me, these songs do through sound what a hug, or a perfectly warm summer’s day, conveys through kinesthetic and aesthetic experience; they just feel soft, gentle, warm, and comforting.

What songs make you feel like summer?