April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day is a week away, which gives you seven days to prepare!  I’ve never been a big fan of pranks – maybe because my parents were always smart enough to thwart our efforts to plastic wrap their toilet, etc. – but I love the idea of kind-spirited fun that surprises and delights rather than offends.

I’m still not sure what tricks, if any, I’ll be playing this year, but if you’re looking for some inspiration for your own shenanigans, check out the links below:




You’ve been flocked! (by The House that Lars Built)
April Fool’s Mini Lunch (from Oh Happy Day)
Balloon Bunch (from Katie Sokoler)



It’s been a long, difficult winter here in Toronto, and spring has seemed endlessly far away for too long.  We were teased with a gorgeous day, a few weeks ago, but after only a few (too few!) glorious hours of sweater weather the cold returned with a vengeance.  This year, the spring equinox – March 20th –  seemed like a holiday worth marking.  It was the date on which we could legitimately start thinking about warmer weather.

The cogs in my heart started turning when I stumbled upon these felt placemats at my local dollar store, and figured I could use them to build a reminder of the beauty and colour that lies on the horizon…


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