right this second…


I’ve been feeling restless lately.  Not in my usual can’t-sit-still way, though.  More like in a wish-I-felt-pulled-somewhere kind of way. (Though it’s possible that those have always been identical…)

I’ve always been terrible at the kind of sitting still required to read more than 5 pages of a book without getting up to make tea/draw a picture/scour the internet for inspiring quotations/make new post-it notes-to-self/fold clothing/put something away.  It really is remarkable that I managed to complete an MA in Philosophy, given my embarrassingly short attention span.

See? I’ve digressed already.  The point of this post was to do this, inspired by this post at Unruly Things:

Right this second, I’m excited for…

the kind of weather that finally justifies making soup (and chicken stock) from scratch

the new possibilities that emerge with the shift in seasons

a road trip to an out-of-town philosophy conference, this weekend
(to clear my head, then fill it with new ideas)

I’m loving…

my friends and family, who compassionately and heroically help me shoulder emotional burdens

my darling feline monsters, who cuddle up on my lap and thereby (perhaps unwittingly) push me to read just a little more before getting up for a distraction

the embarrassingly large piles of books scattered about my room, that taunt me and inspire me

I’m wishing for…

(ever more) personal strength, and the serenity to be patient with myself when the former feels too difficult

some sense of new direction, a new horizon, a sense of purpose

a more positive relationship with time, that cruel mistress.


What about you?