on irrational attachment

A few months ago I made a big change and cut off 10 inches of my hair.  I had been growing it out with the intention of cutting off that much length, and it had taken me a while because I wanted to be sure to have hair left once it was cut…


In any case, cut-day finally came, and I was feeling deeply, deeply ambivalent.  I vacillated a bit, and almost chickened out, but then I thought to myself: this is silly, it’s just hair.  Snip, snip – off it went!  It shouldn’t have been a big deal, but as soon as I walked out of the salon and touched the back of my head, I wanted to cry.

…and then, serendipitously, this song came on the radio on my drive home, and I was reminded to breathe and to smile and to relax and to enjoy taking it all in.

After all, being a short-haired person is fun too!


(Still, it’s also reassuring to know that I’m not alone in having felt that way about my hair…)

song – “Infinitesimal” by Mother Mother
blog – “Hair” by Color Me Katie


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