#11 – get dirty (take 1)

I have been feeling so burnt out this week.

burnt out from work.  burnt out from stress.  burnt out from mess.  burnt out from human interaction.

Since I was lucky enough to finish work at 2pm today, my plan was to come home and catch up on all of the mundane tasks in which I had fallen behind in life: do some laundry and dishes, clean out some more clutter, cook a meal.

But after a bit of self-indulgent (and oh-so well deserved) post-work vegging, the thing I really wanted to do wasn’t clean messes; it was make a new one.

Time to get dirty.

Obviously the first step in this direction is to have nice nails (obviously), so I painted mine coral and magenta.  Step one: done.

Next, I went out onto the balcony and opened a big bag of dirt.  I not-at-all-carefully dumped some dirt into a bowl with water and dug my freshly manicured hands right into the cool potting soil, worked the water in with my fingers, and dug out handfuls at all time to fill my seedling tray.  I had already started some tomato seedlings weeks ago, but lost many of them due to neglect.  Try and try again?




I didn’t even try to be remotely adult about the whole thing.  Did I wipe my muddy hands on my clean clothing?  Yes, yes I did.  The point wasn’t to go out of my way to get dirty so much as to not give a thought to the idea of trying to stay clean.  In that sense, at least, I think it was mission accomplished.  Hopefully, in a few weeks, I’ll be rewarded with lovely heirloom tomato plants to nurture all summer long.


All-too-appropriately, I also stumbled across this quotation today.  I think it sums up my day quite nicely:

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt”
– Margaret Atwood

Isn’t that truly the sign of a spring day well spent?


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