la réponse and first steps

I have to say, I have felt really, really thrilled and excited over the past week.  When I posted the list, I very much expected that it would come into existence without making a sound, and that it would linger only as an archive of my intentions.  That so many of my closest and best friends want to join me in my crazy adventures is both heartwarming and energizing.  I can’t wait to get cracking!

This week seemed like a perfect time to get started on #16 (practice random acts of cheer).  It was raining all day on Monday, so I stopped at Canadian Tire and perused the spray paint selection.  I wanted something bright and cheerful to stand out against the grey skies.  I already had some lime green spray paint, but I was running low.  I ended up with a can of neon pink.  Perfect.  I was now well on my way, since, earlier in the day, I had already purchased the other component in my plan: over a hundred plastic animal figurines.

Unfortunately the neon pink worked out less well than I had hoped, and ended up requiring a plain pink base coat in order to adhere, and I had less green spray paint that I thought, so my progress stalled very early in the process, BUT progress was made.  The plan unfolds – slowly, but surely. (Photo evidence and more details of the plan are forthcoming).

Technically, this means that I could also cross #21 (paint something) off the list, but that seems like cheating, so I’ll leave it…

I also sorted through two big rubbermaid containers, resulting in four recycling bins full of paper waste and two boxes of things to donate.  My office is now 60-70% more useable than it was before.

Perhaps the highlight of the week so far, though, was attending my first ever baseball game.  In fact, aside from a Toronto Rock lacrosse game in high school and a Markham Waxers hockey game in elementary school, the Jays’ game this week was my first professional sport experience.  It was awesome!  As is characteristic for me, I found myself getting distracted by strange and wonderful oddities – like the man who snuck a salad (with quinoa!) into the game, in direct violation of the implicit junk-food-only imperative; the man in front of me with iridescent hair (seriously, it was like fish scales); and how David Ortiz somehow made the whole stadium feel so much smaller the second he stepped up to the plate.

I have a thing for crowds, I really do.  Seeing so many people in the same place for the same reason just gets to me for some reason.  This experience was no different.  I was wonderfully overwhelmed and excited by the amazing sense of anonymous togetherness and community in the Skydome that night.

In any case, I have a plan to tackle #17 (fly a kite) today, so I should be off!  Pictures and details forthcoming :)



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