and so it begins

The summer is beginning and already I’m exhausted.

I begin to think about all the amazing things about summer – running barefoot through grass, lying on the sun-warmed earth, having time off to just watch clouds float by – and then I remember that I work full time, year round, now that I am an adult, and summer becomes an oppressive tease.  My mind skips over to the thought of leaving my job, moving to cheaper accommodations, and making it work with less so that I can enjoy more (time, flexibility, freedom).  Am I ready to make such a huge shift?

I think about all that I stand to lose – my ‘adult’ apartment that is all my own, my insanely fast internet (laugh, but having slower internet or less bandwidth would change a lot for me!), maybe my balcony garden… And then all that I stand to gain: a neighborhood that actually feels like one, real neighbors (not phantoms I sometimes – rarely – hear through soundproofed walls or – even more rarely – see in the hall), a sense of being surrounded by the city rather than residing on its outskirts, indie coffee shops on every corner, a dramatically shorter walk to friends’ places and cool hangouts… Maybe this is more of a no-brainer than I thought?

Before I am even remotely ready to make such a change, though, I’ll need to declutter my life and minimize, minimize, minimize.  Being settled in a long-term relationship somehow triggered my nesting instincts, and I’ve acquired a great deal of things that I no longer need.  Step one will be to divest myself of unnecessary baggage before having to pack up the more-necessary items to take with me to a new place.

Step one: de-clutter life.  make room for new possibilities.

Suddenly I’m feeling a little less exhausted and a lot more optimistic.  This will be a terrific summer.


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