la liste

In order to keep my sights focused on making the most of summer (and not letting it slip too quickly through my fingers as a result of getting caught-up in meaningless business), I’ve compiled a list of things to do between now and September.

Just about all of them would be improved with good company, so please consider this an open call for partners-in-crime.  Want to join me?  Send me a note/email (or comment on this post), and let’s go!

In no particular order…

  1. go sailing on Lake Ontario (nb)
  2. revise my MRP; submit it to conferences/publications
  3. build something
  4. visit Casa Loma (sc)
  5. visit Fort York
  6. go to a concert (crowdsurf?) (nb)
  7. bungee jump (ef)
  8. canoe/camp/portage in Algonquin Park (ch + mb)
  9. visit NYC
  10. ride a streetcar from one end of the line to the other; buy a snack/coffee at either end (tp + sc)
  11. get dirty.  really, really dirty.
  12. have a picnic in Trinity Bellwoods park (nc)
  13. stargaze from Riverdale park (nb)
  14. read 5 books from cover to cover
  15. take 50 terrific photos
  16. practice random acts of cheer
  17. fly a kite (bonus points if it’s handmade) (ch + mb) (nb)
  18. hike/walk dogs in the Don Valley (ch + mb)
  19. write 5 pen pal letters
  20. send 5 parcels to strangers
  21. paint something
  22. learn a new skill
  23. take the GRE
  24. sew something (ch)
  25. get rid of at least 5 boxes of clutter/things i don’t need
  26. teach someone something new
  27. go on an open-ended (no predetermined destination) road trip
  28. visit Toronto Island (rent a bike & explore Centreville) (nb)
  29. learn basic phrases in Hebrew
  30. become better at apologizing.  and admitting when i’m in the wrong.
  31. check out Doors Open Toronto (sc)

(parathetical initials are for potential accomplices)

I’m sure this list will grow as the summer progresses.  I mean, I really hope it does.

Summer 2013, you’re going to be awesome!


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